Introducing Marylebone

Marylebone is a smart neighbourhood of redbrick townhouses, bordered to the south by Oxford Street, Europe’s busiest shopping thoroughfare. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once lived in the area (as did Sherlock Holmes, who lodged at 221b Baker Street). Conan Doyle isn’t the only literary giant to hail from Marylebone – Daunt Books, on Marylebone High Street, is the ideal readers’ retreat, bedecked with Edwardian wood panelling and oak balconies.

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      221b Baker Street

      Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective lived at 221b Baker Street, and you can still imagine the pipe-smoking sleuth at home in the area.

      Alfies Antiques Market

      A treasure trove dedicated to 20th century design.

      There are few places better for leisurely afternoons of cake, coffee and dinner party plotting

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